Emergency Information System

Through the smartphone, SIE provides useful information so you can know where to go in times of emergency such as collection centers, shelters and field hospitals.

SIE Features


The main quality is that it makes use of the radio as channel to transmit the encrypted data in an audio signal inaudible for the common human ear.

Always up to date

SIE will always be attentive to new messages that are sent, so you will have access to news of last moment.


The system allows to receive information in real time and to be able to categorize it according to your need.

Social Rol

The software fulfills the mission of bringing tranquility to the community in moments of anguish, fear and insecurity, such as when an earthquake, flood or other catastrophic event occurs.

Secure Channel

SIE uses a secure channel to send emergency information, protecting itself from malicious attacks.


Even when the electricity supply or internet service ceases to operate, SIE will continue to perform the task of reporting quickly and efficiently.
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